Thursday, May 10, 2012

My Two Hobbies Collide

Last Friday I took the day off work to enjoy and Stampin' Up! Demonstrator even featuring Amy Johnson of Utah! I was really looking forward to this even as it featured sewing!! My two main hobbies were colliding and in a very good way. We used a the Big Shot and Scallop circle/square dies to create a quilt! It is refered to as low sew because all you have to sew is the borders to the main panel. Then you glue down the circles and you are done! Amy recommends having a professional quilt stitch the quilt, but I am pretty fearless when it comes to tackling a new sewing project. Maybe it's just me being nieve because I don't know exactly how easy or difficult something is until I get into it.
Since my sister is pregnant with her first baby,a boy, who will join his twin boy and girl 3 year old siblings, I thought I would be practical and make the quilt as a gift rather than an example. I wanted a fabric suitable for a baby but not so baby that by the time he is 3 or 4 he'd want to get rid of it. I loved the safari fabric with the animals in the jeeps so I used that as my inspriation. Once I saw the small border fabric with all of the wonderful colors and animal patterns, I was hooked! Animal prints it is! My sister seems to love zebra prints so it seemed like a win-win! I am hoping my nepheew will grow up loving his special quilt made by aunt Amy. He better, after all of the time I am going to take stitching it. :) I am already dreaming about my next one! To purchase the instructions, please visit Jill Olsen's website. I like to give credit where credit is due!

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